Black Box Chair Campaign


This is a great opportunity for you to leave a legacy. Sponsor a chair for $1000 and receive a nameplate on the back of a chair and your name on the recognition board in the Black Box. Click here to print out a sponsor form and mail into the Barbara Ingram Foundation.

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Black Box Theatre Chair Sponsors:

  • Anonymous
  • Antietam Broadband
  • In Memory of Sarah W. Alexander – William T. Alexander
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bannon
  • In Memory of Curt Bannon -Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bannon
  • In Honor of Elli and Matthew Bender – Laurie and Eric Bender
  • In Honor of Amelia Bickford Class of 2016 – Pieter and Stephanie Bickford and Sandy and Jim Davidson
  • A Gift given by – The Jone L Bowman Foundation, Inc.
  • A Gift given by – The Blackie Bowen Family
  • Mary Anne and Emmet Burke
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Byers
  • In Honor of Cho Benn Holback + Associates
  • In Honor of The Creative Writers
  • Hazel Chilcote
  • Congressman John Delaney and Mrs. April McClain-Delaney
  • Richmond Lee Downey Foundation
  • In Honor of Mrs. Eyler – Anonymous
  • Hadley Farms, Inc.
  • In Honor of the Frantz/Howard Family
  • In celebration of the arts for the value they bring to learning and to life – Donna and David Hanlin
  • Dawn Harbaugh and Barry Harbaugh
  • In Appreciation – Dr. Robert Hovermale – Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation
  • A Gift given by -Dr. Ron and Cathy Keyser
  • In Memory of Adolph Avery and Virginia May Keyser – Given by Dr. Ron & Cathy Keyser
  • In Memory of Floyd and Mattie Clingan – Given by Dr. Ron and Cathy Keyser
  • In Honor of Thomas E. Pemberton – Given by Dr. Ron and Cathy Keyser
  • In Memory of Jennifer D. Lourie – Carrol and Ira Lourie
  • Melicent J. Malchenson – In Memory of Paul David and Ethel (Holly) Malchenson
  • A Gift given by Connie Manger
  • A Gift given by Dr. George E. Manger
  • Gaye McGovern Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • As a Gift by – Claudia and Alfred Martin
  • In Honor of Marsha A. Knicley by G.C. Edward Masood
  • Betty and Raquel Morgan
  • In Honor of Patrick Getty O’Farrell
  • In Honor of Alexandra Paddack- Class of 2014 – The Paddack Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Pingrey
  • As a Gift by – Mrs. Theron Rinehart
  • As a Gift for – Chelsea Richardson – Given by Rose Marie Schiesel
  • In Memory of  James M. Schurz
  • Mary Ann Schurz
  • Nicholas K. Mohar-Schurz
  • It’s the strings that have it. – Barbara Shellenberger
  • All BISFA students that strive for excellence. – The Randy Scott Family (Graycen – class of 2018)
  • As a Gift by – Bob and Mary Helen Strauch
  • In Memory of Kristin Bowen Swanson
  • In Honor of Julia Thompson
  • In Honor of Emily Thompson
  • As a Gift by – John and Lois Unger Family Fund
  • In Honor of  – The Waltemire Family
  • In Memory of Bernard and Jean Weiss – Steven Weiss
  • In Memory of Michael Raymer – Susan Wood
  • In Appreciation and celebration of the glorious arts! Mike and Marlene Young
  • Younger Toyota