Hearts for the Arts Membership Campaign 2016-2017

“Hearts for the Arts”


Annual Membership Campaign


Campaign 2016-2017


The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation “Hearts for the Arts” Annual Membership Campaign provides the additional financial support necessary for students to experience master classes, an enriched arts curriculum, artist-in-residence instructors and guest performers/instructors and off-site learning opportunities.

The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation believes students should be provided the best opportunities to discover and develop their artistic talents and grow as artists. We believe that such growth is rooted in a strong academic foundation along with partnerships with businesses and the arts community. In advance, thank you for your membership.

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Golden Ticket

William and Jacquelyn Alexander *

Blackie Bowen

Jack and Marie Byers

Ken and Christie Crutchley

Hamilton Family Foundation

Dr. Ron and Kathy Keyser *

Ira S. and Carrol G. Lourie

Steven and Emily O’Farrell

Mary Anne Schurz

Mary Helen and Bob Strauch *

Toby Towson and Kathy Talbott

Clayton and Julie Wilcox *

Susan Wood *



Roger B. Giles

Al and Claudia Martin *

Peter and Cynthia Perini *

James and Georgia Pierne

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Pingrey *

Karl and Angie Sink

Hugh and Marty Talton

Michael and Marlene Young



Sherry Cramer

Dr. and Mrs. Breese M. Dickinson

Julie S. Fritsch

Sarah and Marc Gamerman *

Cynthia Garland *

John and Karen Giffin *

Dawn and Barry Harbaugh *

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hovermale *

Boyd and Denise Michael

Michael P. and Rochelle M. Morrell

PSI – Packaging Services of Maryland, Inc.

The Peterbilt Store – Hagerstown

Anne and Dan Russell

David and Bonnie Shifler

Tiger’s Eye Benefits Consulting

Kimberly Richardson *

Randy and Renee Scott *

Barbara and Corey Vann

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Young



Helen R. Beair

Pieter and Stephanie Bickford

Dieter Blosel – Schmankerl Stube

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bowen

Frank and Anne Carden

Gloria and Alex Dever

Mimi and Mark Dickinson

Allen and Judy Ditto

Katie and Brendan Fitzsimmons *

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Flurie *

Terry and Mary Foor

John Frantz

Adna and Janet Fulton

Steve and Angela Fulton

Heather Guessford *

Denise and John Hunt

John P. Itell

Mary Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. R. Benjamin Jones *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kerstein

Leanne and Barry Kuehnle

Susan M. Alsip-Lawson

Tom and Ginny Lindsay

Kelsey Lorman *

Joseph Marschner *

Christine Mayman

Gaye McGovern Insurance Agency

Marie E. Nowakowski

Patricia and Harry Reynolds

Connie and Donnie Richardson

Ruth Ridenour



Austin Abraham and Kathy Maher

Kelley L. Anthony

Sabrina and Charles Blair

William and Phyllis Beard

J. Emmet and Mary Anne Burke *

Frank and Cathy Bushey

Dan and Suzy Geblein

Aryeh and Laura Herrera

Stephen and Debra Hummel *

Douglas and Rebecca Massie Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Munson

Wayne D. Ridenour

Mr. and Mrs. Ireland Tackett

Arline and Dennis Walters ( Hannah Cougthlin)

Donna J. Wells

Carl and Monika Wertman



Cheryl A. Brown

Thomas W. Grosh

David Gysberts

James Jenkins *

Vivian S. Michael

Sharron D. Moser

Kelsi Palmer *

Debi Park *

Vicki L. Reed

Dr. Teresa Roberts

Betty H. Roney

Phyllis A. Wisherd

Erin Wolfe *

Angela Youngblood *



Emileigh Ebersole – Class of 2016

Joshua Geblein – Class of 2016

Kamryn Grosh – Class of  2016

 *  denotes Board of Directors( 100% participation) and Honorary Advisory Board