Hearts for the Arts Membership Campaign 2019-2020

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“Hearts for the Arts”


Annual Membership Campaign


Campaign 2019-2020


The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation “Hearts for the Arts” Annual Membership Campaign provides the additional financial support necessary for students to experience master classes, an enriched arts curriculum, artist-in-residence instructors and guest performers/instructors and off-site learning opportunities.

The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation believes students should be provided the best opportunities to discover and develop their artistic talents and grow as artists. We believe that such growth is rooted in a strong academic foundation along with partnerships with businesses and the arts community. In advance, thank you for your membership.


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Golden Ticket

Mr. and Mrs. William T.  Alexander **

Alsip + Associates, PC – P Class of 2023

Elizabeth and Gary Aziz

Katie and Brendan Fitzsimmons

Carrol and Ira Lourie

Emily and Steve O’Farrell – P Class of 2020

Kathryn Talbott and Toby Towson

Kory and Lara Tucker – P Class of 2023




Sarah and Marc Gamerman – PP

Roger B. Giles

 E. Kenneth Grove. Jr. – *



Sherry Cramer

Angie and Steve Fulton

James and Jen Gelwicks – P Class of 2022

Karen M. Giffin – * and PP Class 2018

Suzanne and Robert Hovermale – PP Class 2016 , P Class 2021  *

Elizabeth Krell

Susan M. Alsip – Lawson

Cherie and Brandon Marks – P

Janeth and Deon Myers – P

Dr. and Mrs. Neil O’Malley

Pat and Harry Reynolds – GP

Christine Sandeen – P

Bunny Waltersdorf



Pat and Bill Abeles

Katie and Justin Anderson – T

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bowen – GP Class of 2020

David Burger and Lori Swiger – P

Dennis Clinger – T

Brielle Coffman Family

Larry and Cathi DeHaan

Mimi and Mark Dickinson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hobbs

Carianne Judge – P

Sherry and Keith Kibler

Virginia Lindsay

Melissa and Chuck Mackley – P and T

Gina and Craig Householder – PP

Vicki Reed

Ruth Ridenour – T

Pat and Peter Spellar

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Arline Walters




Dale Stein and Dominic Ambrosi – T

Lucas and Julie Cade – PP

Debra and Stephen Hummel *

Deborah and Nick IntVeldt

Kerry Krebs – T

Howard and Carol Mendelsohn

Kris and Jeff Rowe – P Class of 2023

Toni and Lee Webb – PP



Andrew Bushey – S – Class of 2023

Alyssa Checkeye – S

Virginia P. Cook

Savanah James Gelwick – S -Class of 2022

Erin Gentzel – T

Mary E. Johnson

Angelique Myers – S

Brian and Krista Smith – P

Tiffany Turney – P

William Turney – S






*     Board of Directors – Bold

**   Honorary Advisory Board

P     Parent

PP  Past Parent

GP Grandparent

T     Teacher @ BISFA

S     Student