Standing Committees

Executive Committee – 2017-2019

President – Susan Wood
Vice President – Karen Giffin
Secretary – Kelsi Palmer
Treasurer – Timothy Johnston
Past President – Al Martin

Committees 2017-2018

Chair – Timothy Johnston

Susan Wood

Steve Hummel

Al Martin

Karen Giffin


Chair – Karen Giffin

Susan Wood
Mary Anne Burke

Standing Committees:

ALL Board members are assigned to one of our fundraising activities. * denotes chair

Events, Marketing and PR committee:

Lamp Post Campaign

*Heather Guessford and Randy Scott

Spring Musical Event

Kelsi Palmer and Sarah Gamerman

Summer Arts Academy

Mary Anne Burke

Katie Groh Fitzsimmons

Joe Marschner

Development Committee:

Hearts for the Arts Membership Campaign

* Ranelle Flurie

Program Sponsorship

*Karen Giffin, *Susan Wood , and Angela Youngblood

Washington County

*Mary Helen Strauch, Steve Hummel and Mimi Dickinson

Black Box Chair Campaign

* Cindy Garland and Al Martin