Hearts for the Arts Annual Campaign 2020-2021

HFA Brochure CoverThe Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation Hearts for the Arts Annual Membership Campaign (September 2020 – June 2021) directly funds the Discipline Enrichment Grant Program. Enrichment Grants make it possible for BISFA students in EVERY discipline to greatly benefit from an enhanced arts education, including:

  • Guest Artists / Master Teachers / Artists-in-Residence: Students study and perform with professional artists who practice their craft in their professions. These artists share their time, talent, knowledge, skill and experience with students as they teach.
  • Enriched Arts Curriculum: Students are offered specialized instructional experiences beyond the traditional school program.
  • Performance Opportunities*: Students participate in more than 50 performances each year, which gives them a competitive edge when auditioning for institutions of higher education or professional engagements.
  • Off-Site Learning Opportunities: Students participate in off-site field trips and tours to renowned arts venues, which greatly enhances their overall educational experience. Past trips include Kennedy Center, Disney World, Visionary Museum, National Museum of African American Art, and Museum of Women in the Arts.

The Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Foundation believes students should be provided the best opportunities to discover and develop their artistic talents and grow as artists. We believe that such growth is rooted in a strong academic foundation along with partnerships with businesses and the arts community. In advance, thank you for your membership.

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*While we are hopeful that in-person performances will return during the school year, the status is uncertain at this time with the current COVID restrictions. BISFA plans to stream various discipline performances and we will share more information as they are scheduled.


2020-2021 Hearts for the Arts Members


Golden Ticket

  • William and Jackie Alexander **
  • Elizabeth and Gary Aziz
  • Howard “Blackie” and Ginny Bowen
  • The Hamilton Family Foundation
  • E. Kenneth Grove, Jr. *
  • Carroll and Ira Laurie
  • Emily and Steve O’Farrell * – PP Class of 2020
  • Mrs. Theron Rinehart **
  • Kory and Lara Tucker – P Class of 2023


  • Roger Giles
  • Dara Ritter


  • Alan and Cindy Clingan – P Class of 2021
  • Sarah and Marc Gamerman – PP Class of 2017
  • Craig and Gina Householder – PP Class of 2015
  • Jennifer Janus – P Class of 2024
  • Dr. Nicholas Long
  • Dr. Boyd and Denise Michael **
  • Mark Milburn and Lisa Miller – P Class of 2022
  • Mary Ellen and Chuck Waltemire


  • William and Patricia Abeles
  • Matt and Ann Anders – P Class of 2021
  • Brittany Arizmendi
  • William and Kristin Bowen
  • Frank and Cathy Bushey – GP
  • Ardath Cade
  • Larry and Cathi DeHaan
  • Mark and Mimi Dickinson
  • Dave and Karen Elliott – P Class of 2021
  • Michael and Laura Galayda – GP
  • Gaye McGovern Insurance Agency
  • Karen Giffin * – PP Class of 2018
  • Heather Guessford *
  • Kira and John Hamman – P Class of 2022
  • Sophie Huntington – P Class of 2023
  • Steven and Stephny Lietuvnikas – P Class of 2024
  • Audra Martenot *
  • Juan and Mary Teal Medina *
  • Brian and Heidi Mellott
  • Myerly & Lowe Photography
  • Victoria Neiman -  PP Class of 2018 - Tribute to Krissie Neiman
  • Peter and Cynthia Perini *
  • Dr. Teresa Roberts *
  • Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant
  • Brandon and Haven Younger


  • Susan M. Alsip-Lawson
  • Ken Checkeye – P Class of 2022
  • Allen and Judy Ditto
  • Terry and Eleanor Doub
  • Mary Fortson – P Class of 2024
  • Carl and Louise Galligan
  • Sarah Hall
  • Debbie and Steve Hummel *
  • Mike and Dawn McClure – P Class of 2021
  • Edward and Andrea Metz – P Class of 2023
  • Donald and Connie Richardson
  • Kathy Hemming Thompson
  • Charles Wainwright – GP
  • Carl and Monika Wertman


  • Tina Angle
  • Heaven Angleberger *-  BISFA Student Board Representative – Class of 2021
  • Paul and Terri Baker
  • Patricia Halladay
  • Blane and Kelly Johnson – PP Class of 2019
  • Sandra Law
  • Brandy Merchant – T
  • Sharron D. Moser
  • Julie Pisacano – T
  • Elizabeth Reeder
  • Deborah Semler – Alumni GP Class of 2020
  • Brian and Krista Smith – P Class of 2023

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